Fall Riding Boots

Fall and Winter riding can be challenging. Keeping your feet warm and dry in the saddle and in the barn is essential for comfort as well as for your safety. Some criteria to think about..

Short or Tall?
For riding or for barn work?
For Schooling or Competition?
Do they have to double for riding and barn?
Do you want a thermal lining?
Lace up, zip up?

In general, features and durability drive the price, so a waterproof tall boot with thermal, wool or fleece lining and moisture wicking features will cost more than a boot that has a regular lining and is not waterproof.

For safety, barn boots that do not have a heel should not be used for riding. A regular store-bought tall boot or winter boot is more than likely not safe to ride in. Choose your winter riding boots from equestrian brands like Dublin, Horze, Mountain Horse and Ovation.

Here are some boots that work very well in the Fall – for riding, working in the barn and even out the supermarket!

Country Boots are as fashionable as they are functional. They can be worn while walking a course or around a horse show, from barn to home and back again. Look for waterproofing as well as linings with wicking properties.

Winter Paddock Boots are a must have for riders that ride throughout the Fall and Winter months. Look for waterproof boots with thermal or fleece linings. Know that in most cases the entire boot is not waterproof – especially in areas with gussets.

Waterproof Boots – tall or short – will help keep your feet dry and warmer which is essential when riding or working in the barn. Look for waterproof zippers and where the boot transitions from waterproof to water resistant.

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