Riding in the Cold

Ride Warm in the Cold – for your Own Comfort & Safety
Riding out in the cold weather – either outdoors or in a chilly outdoor arena – needs careful forethought if you are to stay warm, comfortable, and safe.

You will lose the most heat through your extremities – your hands, feet, and most of all your head.  Take a look at winter riding essentials to keep you warm head to toe:

  • Hands:  Consider a couple of pairs of thermal riding gloves. One in use and the other one dry and ready once you take off a damp or wet pair.  Waterproof/water-resistant gloves are a must in the barn when handling water buckets or shoveling snow.  Handwarmers are also very nice to have handy!
  • FeetThermal paddock boots or tall boots that keep your feet warm but wick away moisture from your skin make a real difference to your comfort while riding.   Winter riding socks underneath will add an insulating layer.
  • Head: You lose the most heat from your head.  Wear a hat before you start to handle your horse and ear muffs under your helmet, thermal helmet cover over your helmet, or wear a jacket that has a hood that fits over your helmet.
  • Core: Choose a riding jacket meant for the job – with gussets, double zippers, ventilation, thermal lining, hood – cut to ride in and not get trapped between you and your saddle.   Layer under your jacket with a vest, technical shirt, and even an underlayer so you can layer up or down as needed.
  • Legs: You’re all covered up, but it’s surprising how cold your legs can get and your lower torso can still get.   Invest in a couple of pairs of winter riding breeches – you will be glad you did!
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