Why you should shop early for the Holidays this year.

Shop Early – Shipping may take Longer this Year…
Let’s face it, every year we run out of time and wait till the last minute.  This year presents lots of challenges with Covid-19 affecting all our equestrian companies. This is resulting in longer than normal lead times and to make matters worse, the major shipping companies are booked over capacity already.  So, shop early and avoid disappointment.  Also, if you see something you like, snag it now as Covid in the Spring disrupted supplies lines for winter goods leading to short supplies on items like blankets and winter boots. Tack is in short supply also due to disruptions in the supply of tanned leather.

FedEx, UPS face ‘shipageddon’ with potential shortfall of 7 million packages a day over holiday season

“If you’re shopping out there, we really encourage you to shop and ship early and really that means now,” said a FedEx executive. (NBC News)

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