Winter Horse Blankets - Which to Choose

Choosing the right winter blanket for your particular horse is important for the comfort and protection of your horse and to ensure that you are getting all the features you need for your budget.   Here are some criteria to consider when making your choices, together with some links to selections that will fit the bill…

In general, features, warmth and durability drive the price, so a heavyweight tear-resistant turnout blanket with a hood, tail cover, belly band and gussets will cost more than a lightweight blanket with a lower denier and less features.  

When budget is a driving force, look to a brand that has several price points – where you are getting all the quality of the parent brand with just fewer features. For example Horseware has their Rambo top of the line brand as well as Amigo and Rhino lines.   

The fit of a blanket is paramount for the comfort and safety of your horse.   Take careful measurements and look for features that relate to the conformation of your horse – such as gussets for freedom of movement, a high cut neck for high withered horses and wither relief for medium and low withered horses.

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